Recessed modular 600 x 600 luminaire with exceptional low glare and minimal protrusion into the lit space. Slot in side wings and a fixed micro prism panel allows for quick and simple installation, maintenance and cleaning. Enclosed design reduced dust ingress, improving luminaire maintenance factor.


Product Specification & Features

  • Microprism or louvred centre panel
  • 90mm recessing depth
  • Suitable for 15/24mm exposed tee ceiling grid
  • Can be manufactured to suit other ceiling types
  • Low glare LG7 compliant
  • Internal reflector for higher 78.3% LOR
  • 71.4 lm/w
  • Led option available

Catalogue References

  • REG T5 66/1X55HF/MP or L
  • REG T5 66/1X55 HF/M3/MP or L
  • REG T5 66/2X24 HF/MP or L
  • REG T5 66/2X24 HF/M3/MP or L
  • REG T5 66/3X14 HF/MP or L
  • REG T5 66/3X14 HF/M3/MP or L

Options suffix

  • DSI Dimming
  • DALI Dimming
  • SWITCH DIM Dimming
  • MWS Microwave Sensor
  • MP Microprism
  • L Louvre

Technical Drawing

REGATTA T5 Technical Drawing

Downloadable Datasheet

REGATTA T5 Datasheet

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